The School Pet Who Went Missing

Mya Dove joined the Children’s Police Force.
It’s time to solve her second big case!

CASE FILE NO.2: The School Pet Who Went Missing

Mya’s school has a brand new pet. It’s cute, cuddly and loves everyone. Unfortunately, it’s gone missing! Did it run away? Or was it stolen?

To solve the mystery, Detective Dove must face her bossy headmaster, a mean prefect, and a sneaky teacher with a dark secret…

Note to parents, carers, teachers and other adults

This book is an expanded and revised edition of the previously published book The Missing Hamster Who Didn’t Escape. The book has been changed from a short story into a novel.

This book is great if you’d like:

  • a middle grade book series with a diverse group of characters
  • fun middle grade books for girls and boys
  • light-hearted stories about serious topics
  • pet hamster books for kids
  • stories about grieving for lost pets