The New Boy Who Hears Buzzing

Mya’s new mystery involves Ricky, the new boy at school. He can hear a really loud buzzing noise. Strangely, no one else hears it…

What’s making that weird sound? Mya thinks it’s a police bug in Ricky’s ears. Who put it there? Bad guys! They’re using the bug to spy on the whole school. Who will be bugged next?

To solve the case, Mya must stop the bad guys who bugged Ricky. Can she turn off their noisy bug? Or will Ricky hear the buzzing sound forever?

This book is written in British English. The story is also available in the Detective Mya Dove 3 Book Collection and the Detective Mya Dove 5 Book Collection.


Note to parents, carers, teachers and other adults

This book is an expanded and revised edition of the previously published book The Boy Who Hears Silence. The book has been changed from a short story into a novel.

This book is great if you’d like:

  • a middle grade book series with a diverse group of characters
  • fun middle grade books for girls and boys
  • light-hearted stories about serious topics
  • stories about hearing problems in children
  • police officer books for kids