The Fat Girl Who Never Eats

Mya is investigating Shelly, the fattest girl at school. Shelly became a suspect when ten school meals went missing. The Children’s Police Force thinks she stole them. Can they prove it?

Finding proof is Mya’s job. It won’t be easy. Shelly isn’t just greedy, she is sneaky, too. She acts like she doesn’t eat anything, not even snacks. A fat person who doesn’t eat. That’s impossible…or is it?

To solve the case, Mya must prove that Shelly steals and eats school meals. Can she stop Shelly before it’s too late? Or will this greedy girl eat all the food?
This book is written in British English. The story is also available in the Detective Mya Dove 2 Book Collection and the Detective Mya Dove 5 Book Collection.


Note to parents, carers, teachers and other adults

This book is great if you’d like:

  • a middle grade book series with a diverse group of characters
  • fun middle grade books for girls and boys
  • light-hearted stories about serious topics
  • stories about school theft
  • police officer books for kids