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Computer Wallpapers

Mya Dove and Libby Smith (20 Wallpapers)

Mya Dove, Jamar Roberts and Malcolm (20 Wallpapers)

Mya Dove and Ricky Miles (20 Wallpapers)

Mya Dove and Angel White (20 Wallpapers)

Mya Dove and Shelly Walters (20 Wallpapers)

Detective Dove (20 Wallpapers)

Let’s Solve Some Cases! (10 Wallpapers)

Top Secret Children’s Police Force (10 Wallpapers)

Detective Inspector Mya Dove (11 Wallpapers)

Striped D-Twins (7 Wallpapers)

Daria Davis (7 Wallpapers)

Dixon Davis (7 Wallpapers)

I Love Writing Books (20 Wallpapers)

I Heart Writing (20 Wallpapers)

I Love Reading Books (19 Wallpapers)

I Heart Reading (20 Wallpapers)



Mya Dove (16 Bookmarks)

I’m Mya’s Friend (20 Bookmarks)

Mya Goes Outside (12 Bookmarks)

Children’s Police Force Member (16 Bookmarks)

Dixon Davis Box (20 Bookmarks)

Dixon Davis (12 Bookmarks)

Daria Davis Box (20 Bookmarks)

Daria Davis (12 Bookmarks)

The Vertical D-Twins (12 Bookmarks)

The Horizontal D-Twins (12 Bookmarks)

The Diagonal D-Twins (24 Bookmarks)

Write Stories Each Month (12 Bookmarks)

Read Stories Each Month (16 Bookmarks)

I Love Reading and Writing (12 Bookmarks)



Children’s Police Force (11 Certificates)

Author (15 Certificates)

Reader (10 Certificates)


Spot the Difference

The Mean Girl (Spot the Difference Picture and Answers)

The School Pet (Spot the Difference Picture and Answers)

The Buzzing Ears (Spot the Difference Picture and Answers)

The Sleepover Secret (Spot the Difference Picture and Answers)

The Fat Girl (Spot the Difference Picture and Answers)


Colouring Pictures & Bookmarks

Draw and Colour Characters (9 Drawing and Colouring Pictures)

Mya Book Cover Colouring (5 Colouring Pictures)

Mya Dove (4 Colouring Pictures)

Children’s Police Force Room (2 Colouring Pictures)

D-Twins (11 Colouring Pictures)

Design It Yourself! (12 Colouring Bookmarks)

Wordy (12 Colouring Bookmarks)

Patterns and Shapes (16 Colouring Bookmarks)


A4-Sized Posters

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks Book Cover (27 Posters)

The School Pet Who Went Missing Book Cover (9 Posters)

The New Boy Who Hears Buzzing Book Cover (9 Posters)

The Parents With A Sleepover Secret Book Cover (9 Posters)

The Fat Girl Who Never Eats Book Cover (9 Posters)

Lucia Baker Primary (1 School Poster)

Dixon and Daria (4 Posters)

Dixon Davis (3 Posters)

Daria Davis (3 Posters)


Books I Read Trackers

Books I Read This Year (12 Books Read Trackers)

I’ve Read These Books (12 Books Read Trackers)

Books I’ve Read (12 Short Books Read Trackers)

Books I’ve Read (12 Shortest Books Read Trackers)


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