Detective Mya Dove is back! And there’s more news…

Mya Dove joined the Children’s Police Force.
It’s time to solve her fifth big case!

CASE FILE NO.5: The Fat Girl Who Never Eats

Ten school burgers were stolen. Everyone blames the fat girl, but no one saw her do it. Is she the burger thief or is it someone else?

To solve the mystery, Detective Dove must face her crafty dad, a strange caretaker, and the shocking secret in the school basement…

And there’s more news…

Mya’s last four cases are now bigger than before. Each short story has turned into a novel. Some titles have changed. A few characters have a different name now, but I’m sure you’ll still recognise who is who. There are many new characters for you to meet.

Old books and titles

mean girl
missing hamster
hears silence
sneaky divorce

New books and titles

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As always, thanks for all the support. I appreciate it. Have a great day!


Zuni Blue lives in London, England. She’s been writing since she was a kid. She loves telling stories that show how diverse the world is. Her characters are different races, genders, heights, weights and live with various disabilities and abilities.