Detective Dove – The Mya Dove Case Files, 2013 First Editions

Here are the first editions of Mya Dove’s books, published in 2013. They are no longer for sale. Click here for the most up-to-date editions.
In London, England, you’ll find Detective Inspector Mya Dove. With four years’ experience on the police force, this eight-year-old is on her way to being the best police officer ever.
Yes. The best. Her mum said so.
To inspire other kids, she’s sharing case files…


The Mya Dove Case Files start with The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks, a crime short story. There’s a new girl at school. Rumour has it she doesn’t speak, doesn’t smile much, and doesn’t play with others. That means she’s mean, right? Maybe. Maybe not…


The Mya Dove Case Files continue with The Missing Hamster Who Didn’t Escape, a crime short story. The best school hamster in the world is missing! Where did he go, and why? The teachers know but they’re not telling. If Mya doesn’t solve the case by Friday afternoon, Malcolm might be gone forever…


Detective Mya Dove has another case file! Three-year-old Ricky hasn’t slept well in days. There’s a loud noise keeping him up, but no one else hears it. Who’s making the noise? Mya knows, and she won’t let them get away with it!


Detective Mya Dove’s worst nightmare came true: she’s sleeping over at her enemy Angel’s house. Angel’s parents might be divorcing, but there’s no proof and it won’t be easy to find. Can Mya discover the truth and stop their divorce before it’s too late?


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