Blue crocodiles don’t exist…or do they?

Blue crocodiles don’t exist. Jafari and his younger brother, Kendi, know this. But when they go on holiday to Africa, they hear a strange story about a blue crocodile. Are blue crocodiles real? The boys decide to find out.

To discover the world’s first blue crocodile, Jafari and Kendi enlist the help of their cousin, Fay, and her loyal dog, Zoya. But searching for crocodiles is risky, especially when they live in a huge forest full of hidden traps, sneaky hunters, and a deadly animal that even crocodiles fear…


Zuni Blue lives in London, England. She’s been writing since she was a kid. She loves telling stories that show how diverse the world is. Her characters are different races, genders, heights, weights and live with various disabilities and abilities.